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Where is the Outtake?

Posted by Alice Morland
Well it’s certainly not with my yellow polo shirt, because I can’t find that, but I know where outtake #14 is – it’s in my computer waiting for me to edit it --  I told you that you would see behind-the-scenes on the blog! Perhaps that is a project for this afternoon – who can say how the mood will take me – I’ve got 3 cards to make for upcoming birthdays this month… [the outtake was done and uploaded!]

Rita aka SoulComfort and I have been chatting through blog Comments about links andMandala closeup  lightbox lightboxes.  Ruth and I each bought a lightbox (for previewing photo slides or stencilling, as shown in our YouTube) to use with diamondcardcraft Mandala board.  It’s very useful for matting and  layering different shapes, as used in the frame easel card.  You just lay the transparent board over whatever your final picture/topper/decoupage is to be and choose which mandala shapes are needed to matt & layer it.

One of our subscribers, MaryNSC, put a wee video link on Facebook showing paper boxes with zentangle designs on them.  My video: Box-making, uses the same type of boxes but made with 8” square Papermania papers on top, slightly smaller square card for base.  I was interested in the idea of doodling these tangles but so far I haven’t found any great skill in me for doing them – but hey! it’s supposed to be fun.



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