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Glasgow SECC Christmas Hobbycrafts

Posted by Alice Morland
So, Ruth and I went to the fair on Friday – and it was great.  I understand the SECC event doesn’t have the same workshops as the Birmingham NEC but it was still a lot of fun.

Exhibitor Ann from Samuel Taylors recognised us from the YouTube videos and craftywhippet was privileged to be photographed with her! Ruth & Exhibitor Ann in the crush

[Permission given for photo]

We took a detour into the Crafts for Christmas surrounded by fitflopshall where there was live Christmas music being played by a group - they broke off to sing Happy Birthday to the fitflops guy! I bought black ones for comfy feet whilst singing at Praise Gathering. [Permission given for photo]

3 purchasersJean met up with us for lunch and chat – she’s been a source of inspiration for us and we aspire to her skills with decoupage! This is where I filmed part of our YouTube clip – but craftywhippet wasn’t having you poking into her red trolley bag to see what she’s bought until she is good and ready to show you… The wheel on my black trolley bag broke on its first outing after the March fair – so I was pleased to get it exchanged.  We were somewhat lethal with the two trolleys plus my rucksack!

The Scottish Machine Knitters had wonderful knitted objects, my favourite being the cupcakes – though the sandwiches were clever. [Permission given for photos]
When all our money was gone (fortunately having left the car park fee in theexhausted! car), we staggered out the seating area, exhausted but happy, and filmed our final clip.

Once home, I displayed all my purchases on the craft table and photographed them for you.  What do you think? crafting loot



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